• Prof. Angela K. Wilson
    Prof. Angela K. Wilson
    ACS President
  • Prof. Adah Al-Mutairi
    Prof. Adah Al-Mutairi
    Prof. of pharmaceutical chemistry; and Director of the Center for Excellence in Nanomedicine and Engineering in the Institute of Engineering in Medicine at UCSD).
  • Dr. Ghassan Saed
    Dr. Ghassan Saed
    President of National Arab American Medical Association in Michigan, Professor of Gynecologic Oncology
  • Professor Omar M. Yaghi
    Professor Omar M. Yaghi
    James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry at the University of California
  • Dr. Gérard de Nazelle
    Dr. Gérard de Nazelle
    Manager of R&DC, Saudi Aramco
  • Prof. Ahmed Al-Harrasi
    Prof. Ahmed Al-Harrasi
    Professor of Organic Chemistry, Vice Chancellor for graduate studies at University of Nizwa
  • Prof. Kuo-Wei Huang
    Prof. Kuo-Wei Huang
    Professor of chemical sciences at KAUST
  • Prof. Reuben Jih-Ru Hwu
    Prof. Reuben Jih-Ru Hwu
    Chair professor at National Tsing Hua University
  • Prof. Haider A. J. Al Lawati
    Prof. Haider A. J. Al Lawati
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Sultan Qaboos University
  • Dr. Thomas Blanton
    Dr. Thomas Blanton
    Executive Director International Center for Diffraction Data, USA
  • Prof. Christopher Brett
    Prof. Christopher Brett
    President of IUPAC
  • Prof. Mohamed Kheireddine
    Prof. Mohamed Kheireddine
    Head of the Centre for CCDCU at Sunway University
  • Dr. George Manos
    Dr. George Manos
    Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering at University of College London
  • Julia Hicks
    Julia Hicks
    Director of Blue H2 & CCUS Task Force, Air Products
  • Prof. Martin Tangney OBE
    Prof. Martin Tangney OBE
    Founder and President of Celtic Renewables
  • Prof. Abdulazim MJ Marafi
    Prof. Abdulazim MJ Marafi
    Senior Researcher Scientist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

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